VR to Make A Quarantined Existence More Tolerable

COVID-19 continues to ravage the globe, and people are finding themselves in varying degrees of disarray, depending on where they live. Some countries have enjoyed relatively few infections and strict safety measures taken have ensured that the people are generally safe. These countries are few and far between. Most countries are in at least some state of quarantine. People working from home, schools and universities closing down, shops closing early, and some places like Italy are just entirely under quarantine as a whole. So if you’re currently under quarantine, or self isolating and generally spending a lot more time indoors, there are many things VR can do to improve quality of life.

Online classes have become the staple for education at the moment, since many countries will have their schools closed for entire months, but there’s a problem. Students usually fall asleep during classes anyway, and that’s when they’re physically present. When they’re at home and on a machine, they have infinite distractions to take their attention away, not to mention the teachers will have a much more difficult time noticing when someone is slacking. Jiang Fei, a chinese art teacher has decided that he too needs to do his part to make his classes a little bit more interesting. With the ability to turn himself into robots, iron man or even anime school girls, he retains the interest of his students while providing his classes from his personal workstation at home. If you’re suffering from lectures that make you want to blow your brains out, but at least know a couple of tech savvy teachers at your educational institution, perhaps now’s the time to let them know that the year is 2020 and they’ve got a few options to spice things up for their students.

Now, another unfortunate side effect of the pandemic is that gyms and other fitness centers have been closing down for a while, due to the ease in which the virus could spread in places like that. However, if you’re still looking to do a little exercise and keep moving towards your health goals, there’s plenty of good VR experiences you can boot up and get fit while having fun. Two birds with one stone. For those who are looking for some more casual exercise and to blow off some sweat, my recommendations would be Beat Saber or Pistol Whip. Nothing better than getting some movement going with rhythm. If you’re looking to break more of a sweat, perhaps boxing sim Creed: Rise to Glory would be your go-to, providing you with plenty of adrenaline action to get you pumped and ready to bob, weave and throw punches.

But, of course, sometimes you just wanna hang out with your friends. You don’t necessarily want to sit on discord and stare at a static image that lights up every time you talk, you want something more akin to messing around with your friends in real life. So why not hop on some VRChat during your downtime and do that there. Sure, it’s not as good as the real thing, but you can be a cute anime girl. In some ways, some would argue that’s better.

How are you planning to spend your time in quarantine? Tell us in the comments below.


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VR to Make A Quarantined Existence More Tolerable