Thanks to VR/AR Developer Gugenka You Too can be Pampered by Senko-san in a Brand-New VR/AR Experience



2019 has been a big year in anime with long-awaited sequels to series such as One Punch man, Mob Psycho 100, Bungo Stray Dogs and many more yet there have been dozens of other hits released within the last few months and one of them was none other than Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san (THE HELPFUL FOX SENKO-SAN). The slice of life comedy premiered this spring season and was based on the established and still releasing manga of the same name created by mangaka Rimukoro. The anime revolves around Nakano your average salaryman dealing with the stress of an office job his life is then turned upside down when a kitsune (fox spirit) named Senko-san arrives at his doorsteps and seeks to make his life better by becoming both a motherly and wifely figure. The anime last for 12 episodes and in those 12 episodes we see Nakano and Senko-sans relationship flourish as they go from strangers to partners in life as both seek to help each other out, be it Nakano teaching Senko about modern life and technology or Senko-san helping Nakano by relieving him of the woes of office life via home-cooked meals and massages. A recurring premise of the show is Nakano’s fascination with Senko-san’s tail and wanting to be enveloped in its fluffiness this recurring moment had its impact on the viewers as they took to the internet and began posting about how they too wanted to be enveloped in Senko-san’s fluffy tail, countless tweets, videos, and memes were made.

The internet’s collective pleas were not ignored as in early June of 2019 established AR and VR developer Gugenka (known for their work with both the Eromanga Sensei and Konosuba franchises) announced via their twitter account their intent to make an AR/VR experience with Senko-san as the primary focus allowing anyone to be comforted by the kind-hearted Kitsune. The VR/AR experience launched September 17th and is already available in Japan via Gugenka’s Holomodels programs. The Holomodel apps will allow users to perform a host of activities with Senko-san both in a VR and AR environment. In VR users will be transported to Nakano’s room and be able to interact  with Senko-San via different situations including having her lye right next to you in bed as well as have her speak iconic phrases from the show, the user can also edit her poses whilst in VR and allowing users to have her be a VR figure which they can then pose in any way that they like. The AR aspect will allow Senko-san to step into the real world and have users interact with other AR items that can be used to pose her with, this allows users to have Senko-san right in their living room or even have her eat a meal with you. The VR and AR Senko-san experiences are already available in Japan with a set price of 3780 yen (tax included) with Senko’s voice pack being sold sperate at a price of 864 yen with (tax included), the AR portion is available on IOS and Android via the AR figure Holomodels app but the VR portion is limited to pc only with the requirement of a compatible VR headset such as an oculist rift or HTC Vive, currently there are no news of bringing Senko-San into other countries.



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Thanks to VR/AR Developer Gugenka You Too can be Pampered by Senko-san in a Brand-New VR/AR Experience

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