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Based on the anime that started the VR hype train years before the technology started to become wide spread, SAO VR Lovely Honey Days has you take the roll of Kirito in this VR smartphone game. Where you will be going on dates with Asuna and generally have a romantic and relaxing time at their log cabin home and the nearby area.

The game encourages you to take pictures of your waifu and is one of the main features of the app. SOA lovely Honey days is an episodic game series of 7 episodes each can be purchase separately from the google play store while the first episode is free.

You can find the game here: Link

The game comes with the following modes.


Feel the Breath of Asuna Before Your Very Eyes

Sword Art Online heroine Asuna appears in a smartphone virtual reality app that you can interact with. Players become Kirito and can interact with Asuna in seven different situations, from the beach to the hot springs, a quest, and more. Communicate well with Asuna, and you may even be able to see her in certain poses and scenes…

Take Pictures in “Relaxation Mode”

For each situation, you can trigger “Relaxation Mode” during your interactions with Asuna. Take pictures of Asuna from various angles. Don’t miss the expressions and gestures that Asuna will only show Kirito.


Chat with Asuna in “Chat Mode”

Chat with Asuna through the app’s built-in “Chat Mode.” While chatting with Asuna, decide when to meet up together in VR Mode.

Asuna – Anywhere, Anytime

Sword Art Online VR: Lovely Honey Days can also be played with VR Mode disabled. Even when you’re outside, Asuna will appear in your smartphone and you can spend time with her.

While it’s not the full dive VR experience yet. It is nice to see Anime studios looking at story telling in VR and giving us a look a closer look at our favourite characters experiencing them in ways we never could before. Every journey sites with its first few steps, while we have simple smartphone games today I hope one day it all leads to a world where I’m too busy in a full immersive VR world to even remember what day of the week it is!




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Sword Art Online VR Lovely Honey Days