Spicy and Wolf VR


Spicy tails the studio that created project lux back in 2018, has taken things a step further with their VR story game / experience with Spice and wolf VR. A highly popular manga and Japanese series about the tales of traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence who meets Holo a harvest deity wanting to travel back to her homelands after slowly been forgotten about by her worshippers, who can also transform into a wolf.

The Spice and wolf VR experience is set during the middle of their adventure after facing many hardships. Holo and Lawrence take shelter during the rain in an old abandoned water mill in the woods. They huddle around a small fire and enjoy a slightly strange but relaxing time together.

The VR game has you play through their time together in the mill, making the most of their time until the rain stops. Interacting with them along the way. Head patting intensifies!

The game is almost ready  planned to release on june 4 2019 on steam and works on Vive, Rift and other devices. Those that don’t have a VR headset are told that a none VR movie will be out for those that want to check it out.

What is more exciting about this project is that the Japanese voice actors who played Holo Ami Koshimizu and Lawrence Jun Fikiyama will be doing the voice acting for the game! So you will be getting a true spicy and wolf experience.

We are excited for the launch and can’t wait to experience this new take on anime storytelling. If you are interested in find out more they also have a kickstarter where they have updates on the project.


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Spicy and Wolf VR

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