She’s Not the Good Witch

Hentai VR –‘Well, she’s certainly not the good witch!”, your buddy said with a grin. “Don’t encourage her!”, you retorted, but it came out just a little too loud. Marie Rose’s eyes lit up at hearing your words. Then her top was off, revealing her pumpkin bra . You just shook your head as she began to dance around the party, drawing everyone’s attention while shaking her tits. It’s par for the course, at least on Halloween. She just gets so excited this time of year. And now you’re down the road, chasing her in a GRAVEYARD of all things. 

After finally catching up, you find her bent over on a fallen tombstone looking back at you. “Oh look, the cowardly lion!”, she teases before shaking her bare, round ass at you… 

 …are you a cowardly lion?’  

Secretary Karissa


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She’s Not the Good Witch

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