Selling Out to Corpo

Hentai VR – “It’s your latest job and your fixer tells you that you’ll be partnered with a corpo. You’ve got the rifle, and she has the building access. Not your ideal job, but you’ll take the easy scrips. And while most corpo are just scum, but this one seems different. She’s not as slimy as you thought she would be. She’s even kinda hot. 

And wouldn’t you know it, the conversation turns quite friendly once you start talking about what enhancements you both have. You mentioned your new version 3.0 update for your Mr. Studd enhancement, and now she’s all smiles and winks. You know them glowing eyes are reading your body language and feeding her data, but you don’t care. You couldn’t help mentioning that you won’t be able to take out the target for another 6 hours, and “Mr. Studd” boasts about going all night, every night. So why NOT put that to the test?”

Secretary Karissa


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Selling Out to Corpo

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