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The Best Delivery I Ever Made! | Hentai VR

The Best Delivery I Ever Made!

Published on: 2020-04-28

Alex Coal is so over her delivery service job. The job itself is fine but she gets tired of doing the same thing every day. Besides, Alex Coal is hot as fuck and she knows it. Why is she always working when she could be dating almost any guy on the planet and making him pay all of her bills. Actually, Alex is going to finish one final delivery and then hit the bars looking for a fun night out. She is horny as hell and worked hard all day. Why not treat herself to a good night? This is her last delivery of the day and she is just about to drop off your package and head out when she sees how good you look in only your bathrobe. Alex Coal can’t even look away or take her eyes off your chiseled body. Her job finally got interesting. Maybe she doesn’t have to head out to the bars after all. Maybe Alex Coal should just make her final delivery and give your package some professional attention…

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