So Glad You Are My Neighbor!

Published on: 2020-05-09

Katie Kush has always fantasized about having a hot neighbor that she could mess around with. Someone who is always down to fuck but never looking for anything that serious. She couldn’t help but lock eyes with you when you were moving in last week. It wasn’t one of those normal glances that comes and goes without meaning. It was one of those glances that could not only hold your attention but make your mind wander about the freaky things such a beautiful blonde could do to you. You could tell she wanted it right then and there, but you have enough game to stand your ground. You knew sooner or later she would show up at your pad looking to fuck. Tonight is that night you knew would come. Katie’s parents are out of town and they were barely out of the parking lot before she was knocking on your door looking for fun. Time to feel Katie Kush’s firm ass, soft skin and delicate mouth all over your cock. Great neighbor indeed!

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