No Going Back, Once You Go Black

Published on: 2019-12-12

Alix likes to go out and do what she can to enjoy life. After all, you only live once, so why not take full advantage of it? One day, sitting in the living room with her friend Shy, they start talking about life. When Alix gets up, Shy finds a box with a bucket list checklist tucked away in it. One of the items on the list, that had yet to be checked off, was for Alix to fuck a black guy. In fact, Alix has never been with anyone not white before. Knowing how much her friend likes sex, Shy decides to take it on herself to help her friend cross off this important bucket list bullet point. Shy arranges for a black guy to fuck the shit out of Alix. So, when Alix opens the door for Ricky Johnson, the two waste no time. She gets right to work, going down onto her knees and pulling his long, thick piece of dark meat out of his pants. Alix is impressed, but then again, she’d always heard black guys tend to have giant cocks. She wants to admire it, but she wants the cock in her mouth even more. While Alix mouth fucks Ricky’s giant cock, she is amazed how it continues to grow. How could something so big get even bigger!? When she is sure it couldn’t get any bigger, she takes one last slurp and pushes Ricky down to the ground, mounting him in reverse. As Alix rides the giant black cock, she can’t believe she is finally fucking a black guy. One more item to cross off the bucket list! She loves how much he fills her up. Wanting to watch his face while they do it, Alix swings around and rides him regular cowgirl style. After moving from cowgirl to standing doggy and then standing missionary, she can feel Ricky’s thick dong begin to quiver. A second before his cock explodes in a shower of hot, sticky cum, Alix drops to her knees, taking every single spurt all over her face. So tasty! Alix decides this will not be her only foray to the dark side. In fact, she might never go back.

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