Nikki Delano’s Perfect Ass

Published on: 2019-12-05

It’s a hot day outside. Perfect for lounging by the pool. Taking in the amazing sun and water is great, but one thing is missing: a beautiful, sexy woman lounging by the water. As if reading Marco’s mind, Nikki Delano decides to walk up to the pool. Dressed in a sexy bikini and high heels that emphasize her incredible legs and delicious ass, it’s hard not to drool or feel a bulge in the pants. But Nikki knows what she’s doing, and she’s all for that bulge. In fact, she wants the bulge bigger. Not wanting tan lines, Nikki begins to take off the bikini. She also needs a bit of help lathering up the tanning lotion on those oh so hard to reach places on her back. That’s what Marcos is there for. Rubbing the lotion over her smooth body, his cock just can’t help growing. She knows it too. Knowing it will set Marco on fire, Nikki begins to talk to him with her sweet, hot and sultry Spanish accent. She could melt him down into a puddle with her seductive tongue and her piercing look, but she has a use for Marco. Him and that growing shaft of manhood he’s got down there. Nikki reaches for Marco’s cock and wants it right here, right now, but there are neighbors, and she wants this to be between just the two of them. So she takes Marco by the hand and leads him inside. Now, Marco can have his way with Nikki. Or, at least, she can have her way with him. As she takes his throbbing piece of meat in her mouth, she shows him just how thankful for the body lotion she is. Swirling her tongue around every inch, it takes all of Marco’s willpower to not to explode all over her. She could always use a bit more white, sticky lotion on her body, right? She can feel Marco beginning to pulse in her mouth, but she’s not done with him yet, so she gets on all fours and throws her ass in the air, moisture dripping from that perfectly manicured pussy. It’s all for the taking. You grab each side of that perfect ass and slide in deep, feeling yourself expand inside her. It’s now time to give her the ride of her life.

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