Machine Ruin Self-Destruction Masturbation Life Of The Sky Temple

Published on: 2019-11-09

In a ruined world remains only the Devil’s Castle. There was an elf witch nagi who was masturbating to waste time with machines found in a small room in the basement. When she was satisfied with all the machines, she remembered the existence of a ruined temple on the top floor of the demon’s castle. There was a cloud buster secretly hiding a machine with incomparable amount of wickedness compared to the machine found in the underground small room. When Nagi free all the machines in this cloud buster, Nagi will get a hint to fix the ruined world. Nagi decided to masturbate for this world. ***This game is executable with/without VR!*** Various hundred Machines: Get orgone by climax and use it to unlock masturbation machines from cloud buster and reveal its secrets. You can choose masturbation alter, piston machines, chastity belts.. and more accesaries! Piston machines can be installed various mortors, tips, and attachments. Variable motors allow you adjust piston speed and stroke High and Low. Impact motor can oneshot piston! There are masturbation machines for each body parts. For vagina, anus and penis(futanari)! Various restraint altars: The altars for intense masturbation have option to change restraint posture. You can adjust the posture as you like! Part of alters have mode-switch, that can bigger change the posture and its function. More accesaries: Endoscope can display inside of vagina and anus to floating screen. Spirits of Audience do nothing, but they watch close the masturbation. Reproduction/Hands can summon the hand that can masturbate with hands. (Massaging boobs, gaping vagina, anus, and fapping penis!) And it is able to summon avatar that has futanari penis.She can fuck both vagina and anus! Pleasure concentration and Endurance system: By the plesure concentration system, you can wake climax quickly! Having endure the climax long time, get intense climax! Orgone and Ether will be obtained more quantity by enduring climax. Dress up, Body shape, Tatoo Customization: You can customize the character visual settings as you like. The customizations can change clothes, customize body shape, and choose uterus tattoo. 3D and binaural sound: With realistic 3D squish sound playback! HRTF-Binaural sounds will make you feel in the space.Binaural sound is available on Windows10 only. VR Support: Supports VR mode with SteamVR. Experience the immersive true machine-masturbation in subjective mode! (Two hand controllers required) Requirement: Windows10 recommended DirectX11 Visual studio C++ 2015(or 2017) redistributable package(x86) VR Ready PC and SteamVR in VR mode.

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