It’s Time To Earn Your Room And Board!

Published on: 2020-07-06

Anna Nicole West knows exactly what she wants from her new roommate. She doesn’t need money or any help cleaning the house. She doesn’t need a man around to fix things or make decisions. All Anna Nicole West wants from her new roommate is an open pass to ride his dick whenever she damn well pleases. That’s why she has you over to check out her pad. She knew the second she met you that you would be perfect for the boy toy roommate she has always fantasized about. Anna Nicole West finds you uncontrollably attractive and just can’t keep her eyes (or hands) off you. After laying down the rules for living in her house she wants to see how good you really are. Anna wants to take your cock out for a test run before giving you the final go-ahead for moving in. The question is, are you good enough to make the cut?

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