Is This Home Cooked Thanksgiving Food?

Published on: 2020-06-08

Even though you are not really part of the fam, you’ve always felt close to Pamela Morrison’s Family. This year you decided to do them all a favor and host the Thanksgiving Dinner get together. The problem is that you absolutely suck at cooking and prepping for a large gathering. Today is your lucky day though. Pamela Morrison decided to swing by a few hours early to help with the meal preparation. You know why she really stopped by early. She is always flirting with you. Holding long gazes across the room, making suggestive jokes and constantly finding ways to touch you when nobody is looking. Today Pamela Morrison showed up looking as sexy and cute as ever. It doesn’t take her long to get down to the business she came for. She wants you to fuck her in the kitchen. She wants it hard, dirty and fast. You both know you only have an hour before more family members show up. Time to stuff that turkey…

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