Published on: 2020-10-30

FemDomination is the first game title CITOR3 created. It’s an erotic journey where you experience what it feels like to be out of control and dominated. Your will does not count in this game. Only the will of the dominatrixes, who will know exactly how to have their ways with you.

FemDomination is a game where we simulate several of scenes in different environments. The game starts outside of a temple, where you, as a player, are stranded and lost. The only way to move forward is to enter the tunnel and go look for help. Once inside, you are captured and imprisoned: the true start of your BDSM journey.

The four scenes that you will experience in FemDomination all have their own unique style and environment:

  1. Orientation: hypno therapy;
  2. The Chair: your first class of becoming their plaything;
  3. The Slave: the final exam of becoming the perfect slave;
  4. The Dungeon: imprisoned and used forever.

Especially the Dungeon scene is made in such way that you can replay it over and over again.

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