Demon Hotel

Published on: 2020-02-25

Working so hard you flop on the bed, long days at the office have got you needing a break. Not that work will let you go anytime soon…. Sighing to yourself you hear paper slip under your apartment door. Mail doesn’t normally appear this late at night you think. You go to check it out. 1 ticket you read to Demon Hotel, “Cum Relax your soul if you dare. You need only wish it” Yeah right you think if only that were true, I wish, Those two words were all it took. You find yourself transported to a strange hotel hosted by Succubus and demons! A lovely blonde succubus escorts you to your room. “You will be mine today” she cheekily says. You find yourself her toy. Tasting your dick with such lust, riding your dick addicted to your very essence. You won’t have time to sleep anytime soon!

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