Come Inside It’s So Cold!

Published on: 2020-09-14

Claudia Macc appreciates all the hard work you do around the house. The constant repairs and upgrades you always seem to be involved with. Today it is absolutely freezing outside though. She can’t stand to see her man outside working on the house in this weather. Claudia Macc has a better idea. Why don’t you come inside and work on her for a while? She has on some of her favorite cold-weather clothing and she knows how much you love watching her pull off those skintight leggings. Nothing warms you up like her kisses and beautiful blue eyes that can make any man melt in seconds. Why stop there though? Claudia Macc wants to take you all the way today. She wants to feel your hard cock in her mouth and let your hands run all over her body. Time for Claudia to show you just how much she appreciates all that you do.

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