Are You Going To Buy This House Or Not?

Published on: 2020-06-15

You’ve gone to look at a property you have absolutely no interest in. Sure, the place looks dope as hell but you are there for only thing. That sexy little realtor, Avery Black. Her long black hair cascading over her tight teen body draws in your eyes and makes it nearly impossible to notice anything else. Avery knows it too. The second you showed up she could tell you were not in the market for a new pad. She gives you the tour anyways but keeps glancing back to see you looking at her short skirt. Enough is enough though. Avery Black calls your bluff. She can’t help but notice your raging erection. She feels the chemistry too. She’s had a great sales week. Maybe she can take the day off and enjoy herself a little. The homeowner isn’t supposed to be back home for a few hours anyways…

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