Published on: 2020-11-09

Amoreon (released in 2019) is the second game title made by CITOR3. It’s fully based on Virtual Reality (meaning this can only be played with VR goggles and controls) and carries a Gigolo dating sim theme, where the player has to satisfy the girl(s) in completing certain tasks.

The game starts by creating your own Perfect Girl. With 30 different physical appearances, 7 different skintones and 93 items of clothing, the possibilities are almost limitless. And this is just the outside looks…

What makes this game ‘next level’ is that you can even decide what kind of personality your Perfect Girl has. Do you want to date the new girl next door type? Or would you rather want to date a bossy dominatrix? It’s all up to the player to decide which of the four in-game programmed personalities his or her Perfect Girl has.

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