Alice Lighthouse Seduced by the Pool

Published on: 2019-12-05

Alice Lighthouse knows how to make studying fun. She knows her tutor has had a thing for her ever since they first laid eyes on each other. She knows exactly what Alex wants when he comes over to help her prepare for an upcoming exam. They meet at the door but quickly make their way out to the swimming pool of her Dad’s Mansion. She shoves him into a chair by the pool and quickly gets straight to the point. Alice slowly rolls her mouth down her tutor’s shaft, swirling her tongue to truly taste every piece of him. He is everything she was expecting and more. She mounts and goes straight to work making sure that they both love every second of í¢€œstudy timeí¢€ together. Alice moans for him to finish inside of her and can’t wait to feel him climax with her. She knows how to always get what she wants and studying was definitely not on her mind todayí¢€¦

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