News and updates Feb 2018


Hello everyone lots of things going on our Adult VR at the moment so we wanted to let you in on what’s been happening.

We are creating our own content

We have exciting news we have begun creating VR hentai animations these will be rolled out onto the site over time look for the HVR logo in the corner or search HVR.  You can see them early on our patreon as well as some exclusive videos only found there for our supporters check it out.

While we love the content we see so far in the community we really wanted to push the quality levels higher with animations and resolution. So we took to the task and we are really excited for you guys to see those videos.  When you watch any video streaming the quality is always reduced due to compression for smoother streaming. Be sure to sign up and download the videos which are free so that you can enjoy your waifus in the best quality. If you’re unsure how to watch VR videos check this tutorial.


Animation revolution – looking for animators

We really want to grow this new industry and over time we are looking to bring more and more animators on board or help work with people that already do animation and want to take some of their amazing content and bring it to the VR space. So over the months you should see more and more videos being made. Our dream is to create a big team of animators to create lots of amazing lewd VR videos for you guys to enjoy.

If you are an animator using VR Hentai Game  tools like blender already or think you have what it takes to create to great animations give us an email at


We are setting up a discord to give you guys updates on things like patreon and for another way to just say hello

here is the link

Site improvements

Website wise we are working hard to make the site better over time we want to implement a VR player into all our videos we are experimenting with a few videos and testing things so you should see that in the near future.

We are constantly trying to improve the code to make the site faster and have plans to upgrade to better servers. This requires quite a bit of monthly up costs so once we get enough support the sooner we will be able to do that. If you have feedback on things feel free to let us know at

Thank you all for reading this far we will be working hard to connect you and your waifus together, till next time.




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News and updates Feb 2018