Marie Rose Spitroast (Remaster)

Hentai VR – Marie Rose is one of my favorite models to work with. No matter who the artist is, the animations are great and the models are solid. That said, this is an old animation, so bear that in mind with this remaster of Fluffy Pokemon’s animation.

Redid the lighting, scene build, and sound. Redid the camera angles (there’s two now as well instead of the default solo shot) as well as moving models to remove errors and clipping. The only thing I could not fix was Marie Rose’s back in the 2nd POV shot when her ass slams up. Again, it’s an old model so there just wasn’t much I could do.

Enjoy the animation, and thanks for your continued support!

Brought to us by Darkdreams check out there Patreon.


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Marie Rose Spitroast (Remaster)

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