Love Fuck! School hamedol project

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As the first in the Love Fuck! Series it’s great. I believe the creator made sure to add enough options to satisfy as many players as possible, which I believe is a good sign for a game dev.



Two years ago when he was active as a member of the idol unit of the
school, aiming at the top of the school idol with friends who are now having a face.

It was about when she was still a freshman of the graduate school (sound Kisaka).

At the time he started his own idol research department to make his dreams come true, but the members who belonged to himself from the high level of professionalism of himself successively quit and become alone.

Disposition given by student council due to number problem.

For idol research, to be an idol … no matter how smile you do your best, it will not work ….
Only some things that do not reach me for some reason are increasing one after another.

“There is not enough money anyhow anyway!”

She was hunted, opening a mail that she was saving without being thrown away despite being treated as spam ….

Closer look

The are nine scenes with multiple options for each one. There are options that let you pick outfits and certain toys for a more customised experience.

The animation and voice acting is excellent and makes for a great VR experience. There are many different interactions to find keeping the game interesting.

You can choose from different camera angles to find the view you enjoy to set up your perfect scene.

This game can be played with or without a VR headset as well making it more open to players.

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System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core i3 or greater

Memory(Ram): 2.0GB (4.0GB recommended)

HDD: 1.5GB or greater

Graphics: GTX series ATI Radeon HD series


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Love Fuck! School hamedol project