Joshi ochi VR


Joshi ochi starts off with one of the funniest simplest starts to a hentai. The main character Sousuke lives in a rundown apartment, his only solace being that he gets to see a beautiful landlord and the cute girl who lives above him. After returning home from a night shift Sousuke gets into bed having pervy thoughts and getting hard, only to then have the women who lives above fall through the ceiling directly above him landing onto is dick! Proceeding to them getting it on while the landlady bursts in to see what happened and the two “connected” by fate. It’s a very slap stick hentai with a love triangle between the three characters.

Joshiochi VR is a special limited edition version of Joshi Ochi Hentai series that has you take the roll of Sousuke and these comical lustful scene in VR. That also comes with as well as the VR version the 6 chapters of the story with over 160 pages of sexy action.

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Joshi ochi VR