Imp Cowgirl – Secret Doom Eternal Level

Hentai VR – Your plowing through Doom Eternal and build up too much momentum to turn as you barrel towards a wall at top speed. To your surprise, you go through the wall, not into it, and end up in an underground volcanic chamber. You see a female Imp riding on a male Imp in a puddle of jizz. His jaw is slack as his heart has as long since given out. She stands up as his now flacid cock slides out of her, her cunt dripping with the last few drops he had to give. She looks you up and down and a devious smile forms on her face as she walks towards you, fingering herself as she caresses her breast with her free hand…

I connected with a new artist and this is our test collab before he cranks out a custom animation. His style is more story-oriented so I’m hoping adding him will breath some new life into the rotation. Let me know if you want to see more like this on here as Pixiv will likely be the new hub for anthro animations.


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Imp Cowgirl – Secret Doom Eternal Level

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