Dr. Feelgood

Hentai VR – Well this is a new twist. We’ve all seen the classic porn setup of going to meet the sex  Dr, but what if it’s your wife who wants to et a little wild? Your wife Milana May just feels that something is MISSING from your sexual relationship. She can’t quite put her finger on it (though you wish she’d put her tongue on it more often…) But once in the hands of the beautiful, smart, and downright seductive Bella Bends, things take a WILD turn! Your wife turns from the perfect lady to the world’s most craven slut as she experiences what it’s like to taste another woman’s pussy for the first time. That’s right, she’s about to suck on the tits of your sex Dr, and it’s all about to go down while you sit back in your seat and watch right there in the room with them. Whatever you’re paying this Dr is well worth the money to watch as she pleasures your wife for a full 45 minutes in this lesbian voyeur porn scene from VRBangers!


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Dr. Feelgood

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